Crawl (2019) Film Review : Alligator Horror Thriller is Gripping Enough


Crawl is a Horror/Thriller film by Sam Raimi productions and directed by Alexandre Aja. Famous Director Quentin Tarantino said that out of all the movies released in 2019, Crawl is his favourite.

Crawl (2019) Film Review : Alligator Horror Thriller is Gripping Enough

The film is about a college girl Haley Keller who is a professional level swimming champ in her college. There is a hurricane in the city but Haley’s father is stuck in an old house. Haley goes to rescue him but she is stuck too. Then they both know that there are many alligators in the water hunting and killing people.

Crawl is a tensed sequence of events in just 1 Hour 27 Minutes which establishes it’s characters as fast as it could have been possible. The next 15 minutes after the start, you’ll know that this is going to be worth watching.

Crawl involves water, alligators and two humans in a battle for survival where the alligators dominate till the very last 2 minutes of the film. The graphics are so great that the cgi alligators seem scary even more than real alligators.

There are many brutal scenes in the film that just scare you by the idea that it is happening and not how is it happening. Like, the film didn’t seem to show things clearly like Gators eating body parts and all but what was more horrifying that yes, the alligators have surrounded the character from all sides and now he/she is gonna die.

Speaking of brutality, there is just red blood in water shown in the film. Crawl is scary and tensed both at the same time. The direction by Alexandre Aja is the charm of the film which is able to scare through shots and sequences.

Crawl (2019) Film Review : Alligator Horror Thriller is Gripping Enough

Cinematography by Maxime Alexandre is spectacular along with the fine editing by Elliot Greenberg. In some twists, you will also be obliged to thank the writers.

Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper are the two main actors present almost in 95% of the screentime. Kaya Scodelario deserves a great applause for her character. She is just a great actor.

Crawl grossed $91 million dollar on a budget of around $10 million. It has received mostly positive reviews according to Wikipedia.