Carryminati Says His Words were taken Out Of Context from his YouTube vs TikTok video


Indian YouTuber and roaster Carryminati uploaded a video today on his channel to make some clearance regarding the assumptions made by Indian media and his audience. YouTube recently took down his video which was grossing a 50 million views in less than 4 days and broke all time record for the most number of likes in the least amount of time that is only one day.

Carryminati says that he has still no idea about why his video has been taken down and there hasn’t been any clear reference to any dialogues for which his video is banned.

He further adds that the dialogue he said about 200 hundred Indian rupees is being used against him to show that he is targeting fear against the LGBTQ community.

The dialogue was that ” the value of Indian tiktokers is just less than even 200 Indian rupees if he takes them to a sweet shop “. The way he said that was taken wrongly by his fans as a slang against gay community.

Currently, all YouTubers are supporting Carryminati because of his big loss in his career and a video which would have broken all YouTube records worldwide and established him as the most popular creator on youtube.

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