Capone Director Josh Trank Regrets Tweet which cost Fox $10 Million


Ever since the release of The Fantastic Four in 2015, Josh Trank was having a bad time because of the film’s negative remarks and incurring a loss. Josh is trying to get back on track with his new VOD release Capone starring Tom Hardy and based on a real crime lord.

Josh tweeted, “A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.” He recently told The Polygon that he regrets the tweet that costed Fox $10 milllion.

There have been a lot of drama about some reshoots of the film. There is a rumour that Trank cut the film in his own way after battling Fox and another story says the director’s cut doesn’t really exists. The film was a massive box office flop grossing only $56 million against a budget of $120 million.

Fox had earlier released two of the comic book adaptation – Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four : The rise of Silver Sulfer.
Both of the films were average box office hits grossing around $333 million and $301 million. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige teased a possible reboot of The Fantastic Four in the upcoming year and they might as well be introduced in the MCU.

Trank’s latest Capone is also getting mixed reviews and most of them says the film is unsatisfying. Well, we have to look for few more days if Josh Trank will be able to get his Hollywood friends back from Capone.

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