Boycotting China…


It is a slogan initiated internet campaigns in order to infuse awareness among the Indians as a primary consumers of Chinese goods or made in China goods. 

People were slightly more about it but never considered it as a matter of concern because China had been providing its goods and services without revealing their usage, process, procedure, policies. 

Until, it became a global concern.

As Indians never tried to know the cause of presence of Chinese companies in almost every sector of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly usage of items because of its easy availability, convenience and pricing.

We accept their products as a part of our lives and become their consumers on a daily basis. 

Within a span of a few years China made their products stabilised in major parts of the industry whether it’s gadgets, toys, pharmaceuticals any other. As gadgets have a wide range of products which have high consumption rate and generally fall in the high range category whether its 

television, laptop or any other stuff. 

China covers them all.

#Why Boycott China?

Boycott China is a slogan initiated by internet campaigns. It became a national voice when a prominent environmentalist and Ladakhi Sonam Wangshu shared a few basics of his knowledge and experience about standoff in Eastern Ladakh. 

He shared his views on China’s exploitation policies imposed on its people and how it gradually affected us all. 

These policies include Human Rights issues, Press control, data control, 

territorial conflicts inside and outside China, separatist movement and many other issues which China stands accountable for it to address.

#Will boycott China help India

Boycott China means no usage and consumption of Chinese products and services that means an alternative is required. It can be most beneficial if it’s been replaced by Indian companie’s products and services. 

Otherwise it can be from any company products and services except from China This is a clear way for Indian companies to step up and take charge. 

Boycott China gives a chance to people to make and look for a better alternative based on their land with their origination remark. So, it not only benefits consumers but also the makers being all from the same land.

#Is boycott China Practical!! 

The major question which comes to mind with an exclamation mark!!. 

As we think of boycotting China on practical terms because India’s largest imports come from China. 

It includes electronic products, plastic goods, smartphones, pharmaceutical drugs, industrial goods, solar cells, car components, sports equipment and many others. 

The total imports of toys of India comes from China’s 25% India’s automobile components 30% of demand is met by China.

Many Chinese forms establish themselves in the Indian market with a great foothold such as Vivo,Oppo, realme and Xiaomi. It might seem to be unusual and practical. But a few years ago, the USA was also very independent of China but not anymore because, In 2018 the USA declared a trade war against China in which the US refused to trade with China.So,it increases taxes on imports from China and decreases taxes on imports from any other country as a result.

 In 2019, the USA reduces imports from China much less as compared to 2018. Almost negligible by 2020. India can’t declare a trade war against China. At this time, but consumers’ demands dominate as we consumers’ demands boycott China then it can result in an official trade war.

Whether boycotting China is practical or not. It has to be decided by every individual. We had witnessed a wave of people losing their jobs in the lockdown period. 

Similarly in the lockdown many states have witnessed a wave of people who had managed to make essentials with the innovation and much less budget. Those include hand sanitizer, masks, PPE kits and many other stuff of essentials of that time. As before these things were always imported. 

Due to the suspension of transport it gave a chance to the local people to try and make a way out. 

Similarly the suspension of Chinese products from the market gives a chance to local or native people to strive and make a way out.We will make a way out like we did.

What do you think?