Black Panther 2 Release Date , Teaser and Plot Revealed


Marvel’s Black Panther became one of the most successful superhero origin movie breaking Marvel’s many records like bagging nominations and even winnning three Academy Awards for Best Original Score , Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. Black Panther also became Marvel’s first superhero movie to gross a billion dollars at the box office with an origin story. The upcoming sequel is going to be the part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 which started just after the release of Avengers : Endgame i.e. with Spider-Man : Far From Home which showed up on July 5 , 2019.

Black Panther 2 Release Date

Kevin Feige confirmed that he surely is going to bring back Black Panther- the Wakandan King guarding his highly developed country. At the Comic Con , Feige confirmed the date for the release of Black Panther 2 to be May 6 , 2022. The release date may however be delayed for over another year due to the Coronavirus pandamic. All the movies announced by Kevin Feige in the Marvel phase 4 have been delayed due to the virus outspread.

Teasor for Black Panther 2

Teasor for the upcoming film has not been released yet and we come to know that Ryan Coogler who also directed the first film is returning to direct Black Panther 2 . There have been no set photos nor any clippings leaked from the set of the movie.

Black Panther 2 Expected Plot

In the first film , Chadwick Boseman fights for the crown of Wakanda as Black Panther against Michael B. Jordan’s Epic roleplay Eric Killmonger. Rumour has been that Namor and Princess Zanda are going to make their MCU debut with the upcoming Black Panther film. Wakanda is under attack again and the king will return to protect. We will also see Wakanda being introduced to the World and making relations with it as we saw in the ending of Black Panther.

In the end , fans are waiting for Black Panther 2 with much excitement and thrill than the first one and sadly , they will have to wait like the others and us to get any further rumours and set photos from the set of Black Panther 2.

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