Black Adam: Release date, cast, trailer and everything you need to know

Black Adam
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Warner Bros have always been waiting for the time they would introduce Shazam’s antihero Black Adam in the DCEU and now with Shazam released and enjoyed by the audience , They have started working on the Black Adam movie. Dwayne the Rock Johnson is leading the titular character and fans are eager to see him as the devil. The film will be a spin off to Shazam and might have Zachary Levi’s Shazam’s appearance as well.

The plan was originally to introduce Black Adam in Shazam movie but the filmmakers thought that the character has enough of his own story to be a separate film. People are enjoying DCEU‘s light hearted films which are not much dark as they used to be like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. These films performed much better at the box office commercially that DC and Warner Bros are looking forward to make more such type of origin stories.

Black Adam Release Date : When will we get to see the Man in Black?

The film is set to an official release on December 22, 2021. Hopefully, if coronavirus pandemic does not affect much to the film.

Black Adam Cast & Crew

Jaume Collet-Serra is heading the direction for the movie who has made suspence and dark films like Non- Stop , The Commuter , Run All Night and Unknown – all starring Liam Neeson. There haven’t been any latest news regarding the cast of Black Adam except Dwayne Johnson. The screenplay for the film has been written by Adam Sztykiel who also penned down Johnson’s Rampage.

Black Adam Trailler : When will it Arrive ?

Although , The film hasn’t officially started production , so we currently don’t have any single frame or footage of Dwayne Johnson in the suit. The film is set to start production in summers 2020 if the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t affect much. The film will show the origin story of the supervillain from his point of view.


  1. […] Black Adam will release near around Shazam 2 and they will not have any interaction with each other’s world until a third Shazam film is made. Zachary Levi confirmed the news that the second film will not have any Black Adam cameo because the idea is to introduce his standalone film first. […]

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