Bhonsle Review – Realistic story of racism, justice, and quiet hero

Bhonsle Review

Cinema has an essential part when it’s come to the entertainment industry. It creates a colossal impact and influence on people all over the world. In other words, it helps them give a distance from monotony, on the additional, cinema help as a medium to showcasing the unseen issues and unheard voices. Realistic movies are something many admire; many don’t. And movie Bhonsle is about those unheard voices and real topics which we don’t see in our flashy and fast life.

Bhonsle is a story of a Marathi constable (Ganpate Bhonsle played by Manoj Bajpayee )  on the verge of forced retirement, trying to a couple of times to renew his contract with the police but finds himself often told to be patient. Furthermore, he lives a secluded, isolated life, having less social interactions whatsoever, despite the respect his position adjure among citizens. Eventually, living in a chawl, he finds solace in the company of a brother-sister named Sita and Lalu (Ipshita Chakraborty Singh and Virat Vaibhav) has recently shifted from Bihar. Bhonsle gets to know that he is suffering from a brain tumor and Later finds himself in a feud between Villas, a Marathi “gang leader,” and the Bihari brother-sister duo. In contrast, Villas, instigated by the organization leader, decides to take his persecution towards the Bihari to another, even nasty level. Expectantly, violence ensues…he thinks Ganpant is on their side; he asks Ganpat, “You are Shivaji Maharaj’s Bhonsle if you won’t stand with us who will? Bhonsle carries bond and emotion towards the Bihari neighbors and takes stand against this injustice.


The story is a reality of the recent past when the more prominent cities were rocked by a wave of engineered hatred against migrants. The film is a timely take not only on politics that burgeon on othering and persecute communities but, obliquely, also on how shoddily the informal migrant workers get treated. Similar of what director Devashish Makhija did in his debut film Ajji, in which an older age lady avenges the rape of her granddaughter, the director presents a desolate visual of a lawless system that allows the weak and vulnerable to be sitting for dangerous deviants and slight (but mighty) politicians.

Speaking of cinematic aspects, Director and writer Devashish Makhija and his co-writers (Mirat Trivedi and Sharanya Rajgopal) take attentive care and precision to set the film’s frame. With each shot showing the depressing desolation of Bhonsle’s life, the desperation in Vilas’ and the fear in migrant duo. The story shows that the world is grey; there are no rights or wrong here.  All are a pawn of situation and system. Where we see Bhonsle’s silence as migrants suffer, in the beginning, Vilas is also a victim of his circumstance.

Jigmet Wangchuk’s cinematography is an excellent asset of the film, creating a claustrophobic, almost dystopian setting in Bhonsle’s cramped and small apartment, which portrays his psychosynthesis quite accurately. The highlight of his effort, though, comes in the aforementioned panoramic shot, and the few scenes of violence, which are hideous as they are realistic. The production design by Shamim Khan and Sikandar Ahmad is perfect. Mangesh Dhakde’s sad theme song reinforces the idea that there can be no escape from unsparing destiny. 

Bhonsle Review

What can one say about a gem of talented artist Manoj Bajpayee? He has proved his versatility in many movies. With this movie, he becomes Bhonsle; he gets under the skin so well that his performance soaks us into his character. Manoj Bajpayee makes his body language and facial expressions do all the talking, surprisingly he has 15 dialogues in the film. But still, he managed to create a masterclass. The supporting cast of Santosh Juvekar as Vilas, Ipshita Chakraborty Singh, as Sita and Virat Vaibhav as Lalu are phenomenal and highly convincing.

Bhonsle was made in 2018 and showed and praised in many film festivals in 2019. It’s a story of the reality of the current world. It strikes and raises the right question it doesn’t give hope; it will instead make sure you find it deep within, only as you struggle to answer those questions. The only sight problem you can see in the movie is the editing the unnecessary cuts play the biggest turn off a few parts could have crisped. Still, the last 15 minute of the film is exciting and compensate for it. 

Overall, Bhonsle is an engaging, realistic drama movie. It carries excellent performance of Manoj Bajpayee. If you are his fan this, you should not miss this even if you do not fan you shouldn’t be missing out … The movie leaves you with strong thoughts at the end, which one should not always keep in mind .it  has his class and art, which every cinema lover should experience. You can check out this fantastic film on sony liv now.