List of The Best Sci Fi Movies You MUST Watch Before Dying!

best sci fi movies

Science fiction Movies have always been looked at as an escape from our current scenario in the world to a far Galaxy or Universe but they also tell us the consequences that may happen if a particular invention or a technology would have existed way before it’s time.

Below we have provided a list of the best of sci fi movies that include films where people kill their future selves for money to a man falling in love with a computer program. All the film mentioned below are a Must Watch! ( List is updated regularly for new movies )


We are mentioning this movie at first because we think after watching this – You will start believing in our list ( like, yes the movies these guys have mentioned are actually fantastic ).To tell you a short about this film, it is based on a Temporal agent who travels time to go back in 1975 and prevent a bomb attack but instead he finds that his actions are way more contributing to the bomb attack rather than preventing it.The film’s story telling is so good that you also get the answers of the film if you observe enough.


The movie is one of a kind i.e. you should truly give it a watch if you are a Sci/Fi geek.Alex Garland’s second directorial after the famous Ex Machina takes you on a mysterious adventure into Area X – a scientific phenomenon spreading vastly across the American coastline.Natalie Portman plays Lena – a biologist whose husband went into Area X and never returned – goes into the phenomenon with Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez but things go unexpected there.


Starring Bruce Wills , Emily Blunt and Joseph Gorden ,the plot of this film is very interesting.In the near future a group of people ,you can say an organisation, sends their victims from the future to the past for killing them and finishing them in the past so that they can’t get caught in the future.The film takes a turn when one of their killer finds that he is going to kill his own future self( who became a victim in future).Bruce Wills plays future of Joseph Gorden and you might wanna stick to the end of the film.(it’s worth it)

Source Code

This film is hell of a Sci/Fi thriller movie.The movie goes through the story of a dead soldier whose brain has been kept alive through a technology and is being used to find the suspect of a terrorist attack on a train. His brain has been filled with a stimulated environment from memories of deap persons in that train.The film will bend your mind- a must watch film. it’s a must watch sci/fi film.


Denis Villeneuve is one of the few directors in Hollywood who have their unique style of serving cinema to the audience.Arrival ( Denis’ masterpiece film ) went into several nominations for the academy awards and also winning one.
The film involves Amy Adams as Louise Banks – a linguistics expert who is hired to establish a communication between a spaceship alient element to understand the motive behind invading earth.


The famous trio – Christopher Nolan , Hans Zimmer ( Composer ) and Lee Smith ( Editor ) which gave us the famous Batman Trilogy and Inception worked on this film to carve it into a Sci/Fi masterpiece . The film based upon time travel , saving humanity , blackholes and love. This film is a must watch surely due to it’s storytelling , screenplay and cinematography ( of course , the score of this film is too good ). Nolan is one of those directors you can spend upon without giving a second thought.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the Edge of Tomorrow play Major William Cage and Rita Vrataski where Major William is stuck in a time loop.In the war against humans , Humans are being defeated by aliens through their ability to reverse time and learn from their mistakes.William gets one of these ability and uses it to defeat aliens.The films is directed by Dough Liman.


Shot as a found footage from a home camcorder , the film shows six people who are returning from a farewell party when they face a monster attack attacking the New York City.The film was a commercial success which grossed a $125 million dollar against a $25 dollar budget.The film is directed by Matt Reeves and produced by J.J. Abrams.

10 Cloverfield Lane

This film connects to the “Cloverfield” from 2008 and centers around a girl who is trapped in a house with an old man along with another boy who is also trapped.There has been a biological attack by an alienated ship mentioned in the previous film due to which the three not come in contact with the outerworld. Later , we get to see a very surprising twist near the climax. This film is directed by Dan Trachtenberg.


Another appreciated sci/fi movie from Christopher Nolan , starring Leonardo Di Caprio and composer Hans Zimmer – The movie is intense and grabs your attention through it’s one of a kind sci/fi concept. This is still counted as one of the best sci/fi thriller of it’s decade. Film explores a technology where a group of people enter a man’s dream and try to steal super secretive information from it.


One of the best acting performances by Joaquin Phoenix , the film portrays the story of a man set in the near future who falls in love with a virtual artificial intelligence program Samantha. The film is written and directed by Spike Jonze . It received five nominations for the Academy Awards including Best Picture. It won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

Shutter Island

One of the most mind screwing movies of all time , directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo Di Caprio , Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley. The film comes under psychological thriller but since IMDB put into the sci/fi category so will we. Two police officers are sent on an island to investigate the case of a missing patient where one of the officer discovers a shocking truth about the island. The climax will certainly blow your mind away.


Directed by one of the best directorship in the world , Bong Joon Ho who symbolizes things about class discrimination and barriers in society in each of his films. The film story goes through a Snowpiercer train ( after the Earth is covered with snow due to an Engineering project ) in which there are lower class people who led a revolt against the people on the front.
Chris Evans is in the lead and was critically praised for his acting performance.

Cloud Atlas

The film was not a commercial success and also received mix reviews . Cloud Atlas has Tom Hanks and includes many stories within three hours . It comes into a sci/fi film and for me , it was great. You can watch this one only if you wanna test something you haven’t seen in the past . The film involves a past story , a present story and a future story – they all have something in common which is same characters are reborn in all the phases . Sometimes , someone is good – the other time he is bad. Basically , the film says ” one good deed of yours will come back to you in all upcoming lives and bad deeds get punished in every life. ” You eventually have to face the consequences of your ” karma “.

Donny Darko

Donny Darko is directed by Richard Kelly, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and produced with a very low budget. The film is a mind bending sci/fi psychological thriller which shows us the story of the title character who is getting doomasday visions.
It still ranks on the IMDb list of best sci/fi movies.

A Quiet Place Part I

This film is the best in sci/fi horror genre. Directed by John Krasinski and Produced by his wife Emily Blunt , The film explores a family trying to survive from a creature that has spread terror in the world. They have to keep quiet in order to live because the creature kills by hearing sounds. ” A Quiet Place ” received critical appreciation and is a massive box office success.

We hope you liked our list on the best sci fi movies ever.This article is regularly updated in order to add new movies that are worth watching for.


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