Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date and Plot Details Revealed


Animal Kingdom is the renewed series by Jonathan Lisco based on the 2010 Australian movie “Animal Kingdom”. The series has been getting crazy fans around the world and they are all wondering Will there be a season 5 of Animal Kingdom or not? So keep reading. We have got you covered.

Animal Kingdom’s last season premiered on TnT last year. It has already completed four seasons. You might be thinking Is Animal Kingdom renewed for a season 5? Yes, it is.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

It has been confirmed that a fifth season of Animal Kingdom is coming for sure but we might have to wait a little longer than expected for that. The show’s shooting was going on very well until this Coronavirus pandemic came. Shooting has been delayed now and we will now probably get to see Animal Kingdom season 5 in mid 2021 or so.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Plot

The story revolves around a seventeen year old boy named Joshua who gets involved in some kind of bad business because of a horrific tragedy that happens in his life. He then wants to leave the business and this is what the show is about.

There is no confirmation about the plot of season 5 but it would be a great one because season 4 ended with great twists and turns

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