An Open Letter to Dark Netflix Series by a Fan ( Dear Dark.. )

Dark Netflix Series

Dear Dark,

I want you to know that you are special. You are special to most other things in my life. I feel like those are the things that always leave me even when I don’t want them to. Also, There are somethings that I want to let go but I can’t. They just follow me every fcukin day. But you?

You have impacted me near the deepest part of my heart. I don’t want to forget you ever. I want to live with your characters and maybe make that sacrifice in the end that you all did. You have taught me every time that you and I are perfect for each other and not to believe anything else.

No one will ever know that Jonas, Martha, Claudia, Noah, Bartosz, and a lot many painful characters ever existed in the story of Winden. History erased you all from itself. But remember, I am here and there are millions of people who have cried each time Jonas let her father commit suicide, Claudia had to kill her own father, Ulrich and Katharina went through so much pain and agony for just a glimpse of their son, Jonas had to kill his own mother, Noah, and Elisabeth lost their child, Katharina is killed brutally by her own mother, Jonas saw Martha die in front of him and Bartosz lost her love Silja.

Jonas, your eyes represent the amount of suffering and pain you went through. It shows how much you want to end your own life just to get rid of this never-ending cycle. You want someone to wake you up from this horrific nightmare and that you still cycle to your school to find Martha- the love of your life standing there along with Bartosz, Magnus, and Mikkel. You want that ultimate fist bump from him.

You always wanted to stop it all from happening but eventually ended up becoming the cause. The moment you saw your father in his last moments broke us too and that you can never stop him from taking his life. You loved him. 

You loved Martha more than anything else but she died in front of you and all you could do was nothing. That moment, you promised yourself that you will make it right. You lived with that pain all your life. 

The moment when you asked the other world, Martha, in the very last episode “The Jonas from your world, Was he different?” was the most heartbreaking moment. Martha didn’t reply anything – just a few drops of tears ran from her eyes towards her cheek. You noticed those tears and you cried because you knew that something very bad has happened to her.

Ulrich, We know you did some pretty bad things and by the time you realized your mistakes, you were deprived of everything you ever had and had to spend 34 freakin years in a mental hospital in order to meet your son and wife one day. When you met Michael in season 2 episode 5, you reminded him that “The question is not how, but when!”, and Michael said, “Dad!”, I cried the first time ever in the whole show.

Claudia, I know the first thing that came in your mind after discovering Time Travel was to save your father Egon. But with time, you realized that you were the reason he died. It’s hard for someone to live with that. You were the strongest woman I ever saw. You were tough and when you found Regina’s cancer, You did everything you can in order to save her from what she got because of the happenings at the plant. At last, you were finally able to find a way to cure

all the suffering of Winden.

Martha, Bartosz, Noah, Egon, and Elizabeth – you all lost someone you most loved. The only thing you were doing was to get them back. 

Dark will forever be my favorite because it not only focused on sci-fi, but it was more than that. It showed us love and never lose hope however wrong situations are.


Asif ( A fellow Traveler )

What do you think?