A Quiet Place Writers & Sam Raimi Team Up For A New Sci-Fi Thriller


Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the men behind the successful sci fi horror thriller A Quiet Place are teaming up with legendary director Sam Raimi who is known for directing the famous Sony’s Spiderman Trilogy.

Beck/Woods have been writing and creating movies for years and recently they tried their screenplay debut in A Quiet Place directed by John Krasinski. The news about their teaming up with Sam Raimi came via Variety.

A Quiet Place Still

Beck/Woods and Raimi are going to write and direct the upcoming sci fi mystery thriller. This project will be carried out with Sony Pictures who acquired it in a competitive auction.

Sam Raimi has given a total of three films to Sony last year including the latest 2019 horror thriller Crawl. Beck and Woods’ A Quiet Place was praised for it’s originality and innovation. The film became a huge box office success grossing around a $ 300 million dollars with a budget as small as $17 million dollars.

Raimi is also busy with his upcoming debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he has been hired to direct Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.


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