1917 Movie Review : One of the Best War Films Ever Made

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1917 is by far the best War film that you will ever come across. Not because of it’s story , emotions and trauma but because It is also a gift to the cinema by Sam Mendes. The film is directed and produced by Sam Mendes and he also co-wrote the film with Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

The film was nominated in ten categories at the 92nd Academy Award including Best Picture and Best Director. It won the award for Best Cinematography , Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing. The film also won seven titles at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.

The film is a top notch masterpiece and one of the best war films in the world that I would totally recommend you to give it a watch. From the starting to the end , the hard work behind the idea to make the film – a one shot film is praiseworthy. It can also be termed as one of the best one shot films in the history of cinema.

In the whole film , you will feel the camera only moving forward along with the protagonist and sometimes just cirulating around the character symbolising that with the time he must keep going. The film is intense , emotional , filled with amazing shots and stunts. 1917 will never let you leave your seat for even a single moment. The story is perfect as well as the cinematography which has won the film an Oscar. The cinematography has been done by Roger Deakins who is best known for his works with Dennis Villeneuve.

The music becomes a butter on the bread and will wet your eyes by the end of the film and will leave you emotional and broken with the trauma that the protagonist through. The task given to him was termed impossible by the seniors and making an impossible task a possible one will take you on a two hour journey that will give you an experience that is much thrilling.The film has been made to make you feel what it would exacty be like there on the trenches.

Who will love 1917?

If you like war , intense , brutal , epic and best captured films , you should just give it a watch. Film is highly packed with stunt and not much actions.


Lee Smith, 1917 Film Editor will not let you suspect even a single cut in the film making it look like a long shot film. Lee Smith is best known for his works with Christopher Nolan. He won the Academy Award for best film Editing for Dunkirk which was another war film directed by Christopher Nolan.

The main lead George MacKay in the film is fantastically Amazing along with Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch. The cast did a very well job.


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